Tuesday, July 15, 2008

student Marie Ormiston

I am a student at Community College at Bairnsdale. As part of VCAL we are starting up a Cafe to help us achive our Certificate. I am kitchen hand for the next two weeks, we will rotate every two weeks .The rotation will be cooking and waiter ,as part of the the designated two weeks to each position.

We are just getting ready to serve morning tea. we have Devonshire Tea for $2.00 or Coffee and Cake for $2.00. We are also busy cooking lunch for 12.00pm Our clients are the staff at the college to start us off on this our first day open,we are hoping for the public to come and enjoy our cafe. Word of mouth will help us broaden our client base.

Our prices are good value for service provided.We hope to buy a coffee machine with our profits

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