Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hi there its Teagan again,
Today we had a catering function for
the Community College and it was great fun!!!
we all helpt with cooking,watressing,cleening and making
little nick nacks
Dianne and I maide some really nice pitta bread wraps with egg,
letuce,cheese,avacado,alfalfa,carrot, and roast beef.(yum yum)
I also helpt with spreading some icing on little bite size cup cakes.
Then I also maid a jam and wiped creem spunge cake with chocolate icing.
then Nicole our new superviser helpt me cut the tops off the minni scones
and put jam and wiped creem in the middle then we put the tops back on.
Well thats all for today I hoped you injoued reading what I had to say
yours sincerly Teagan...

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