Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hi there its Teagan again,
today is the end of the term and I can't wait
till the holidays!!! even though its only 3hours away(YAY)
For the end of the term we are doing a BBQ for our customers
ans our self's also with some nice fresh salads.Well I'd love to
tell you all that Ive done something today but I haven't really
done much Al's Ive done today is pick some flowers to put on the tables
for good looks.Then I also rolled up the knives and forks
now we are all ready to dish and serve our customers for lunch.
On Wednesday we didn't do any cooking for the cafe coz we all
had to do paper work that we all had to catch up on how exiting!
well at least I've got all my paper work done and at the end of the year I
will have all 6units done and will have 7 certificates to put on my resume
and then I can say Ive completed all my GLOWS!!!!

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