Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hi Tracey VK here again,
This is the last blog for the year and our last class for the year. I was sick on Wednesday so could not be here.
Today we are doing a Bar-b-q with hamburgers, sausages and different salads.
Chocolate mousse for dessert and scones for morning tea.
We have to make sure our books are filled proprerly. The kitchen is being clean and cuppoards tidied. Tracey W did the cupboards and she is sorting through the dry goods cupboards.
I've learnt quit a bit this year doing this course and must say I much prefer to do hands on work rather than writen. Cooking so much more fun than bookwork. We have done our worksheets and bookwork though.
The best part is when we get to sample our work, yummy.
Well bye till next year,
Tracey VK xo.

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