Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Well done to all my students!

Thank you for all your hard work this year.
You are doing a wonderful job, it is enjoyable watching your skills improve week after week.
The many photos we have taken show the wonderful foods you have created, the enthusiasm you showed, and the capability you have.
Thank you for happily posting a weekly blog of our cafe journey.
I am proud of you all

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rosie today i chopped cucumbers

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


today for the menu we made chicken and salad wraps, scolloped potatoes and lemon delisious.
we didnt get to try them today though because we had too many orders, although we got a few comments saying how it tasted really good. for us students we made sausage rolls and they we're nice. I also prepaired the salad and helped serve, helped clean up and made some milkshakes. it was a great day, catch ya!!!


today i made goucamole it is made with advocado, lemon,salt,garlic and salsa.
i helped with the dishes, set up the tables, surved,and did a bit of paper work.
the class had lunch together it was beautiful.

on the menue today we had.

chicken wraps
lemon delicious

lauren ann parker


Hi my name is Marie and I have been in the Caf'e today,we have had a busy morning, and the chicken wraps were a great hit. We sold out,and the students had sausage roll's salad and we had lemon delicous with cream and ice cream. We are just finishing for the day.


A simple menu today that went really well i.e lots of compliments from customers and myself : chicken wraps which i cooked the chicken for, and lemon delicious prepared by Rosie which was a treat to eat... we will probably do dishes again this year.


Rosie today i made Lemon Delicious for dart


To day is assessment day altho i was late for school but i tryed evrything to catch up..............
I have alwaysed loved it waking up and knowing that i have cafe on wednesday..............
I love the different food we cook i love going around to see other people and taking the order and making new friends........
There is only one thing i do not like is the dishese but in the end they have to be done.........
The cafe is a place for anyone young ,old, disabled different nationalty or if you just like cooking it so fun and get to do different kind of cooking it is the best day of the week..............
today we have cooked chicken wraps and salads but i did not do that as i have a cold so i made drinks for the students and teacher in cafe..........
i still have to do dishes still grrrrrrrr but i would live it is about trying and that is what i am going to try and do the dishes with out conplaining lolz.........
this is teaching us to be patient, listen, communication skills team work when we all work together............
it is also about trust and working with money, making friends and having respect for others and there different aperance.........
well i have to go and get lunch ready............. !!!!!!!!!Michelle!!!!!!!! (21/10/09

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


hygiene is important in the kitchen making sure you wash your hands,clean up properly and make sure everything is up to standard then it stops bacteria from building up and people geting sig eg food poisoning.

today we made taco's and spinach rissotto
it was good , i enjoyed it and the tacos were yummmy.

lauren ann parker


Morning all ,my name is Marie and I am in the Caf'e today. I have been asked to blog on Hygiene in the kitchen. So here i go.It is important to follow all the guideline on Hygiene so that the food is safe to eat.If you don't wash your hands after a tiolet break, you can have germs or worse on your hands. This can mean you transfer the bacteria into the food preperation you are doing. Food poisining can result from that scenario, making your customers very sick. There could be charges laid against the proprietor for not having a safe food kitchen.

Deon Baxter

hygiene is important in the kitchen because without hygiene you can get alot of germs and bacteria on the cooking utensils which can lead to food poisoning and other illnesses.
in the kitchen today we just had a bt of a clean and prepared taco's and spinach rissotto,
i had fun today.


Why is hygiene important by Rosie, Hygiene important because if we didn't have hygiene people would have foodpoisoning and there will a lot rasts and mice and insects.


Spring cleaning is actually best done by a team, I think team effort is fun. Kitchen hygiene such as keeping surfaces, equipment and utensils cleaned and maintained, is important because germs and chemicals can contaminate food and cause serious illness, even hospitalisation; so detergent and chemical instructions must be followed, and cleaning schedule and rules obeyed in kitchen and dining premises.


Today i baked a cake
but its still cooking.
We are having lotss of tacos. yumnmm,
in the kitchen, if you dont waah dishes they can collect bacteria and make people sick. when you wash dishes you should always use hot water to kill all the germs that are on the dishes. after you use cloths to clean surfaces you should usually throw them out or wash them with hot water.
you should always wash your hands when working in the kitchen. always make sure you throw your rubbish in the bin. always keep cleaning chemicals away from food storage areas. after cooking in the kitchen you clean everything up.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Hi David here
Today I did many jobs the teacher was busy with the VCal students so sally and I were in charge of all the food.
I made roast beef and potato and vegetables Sally made Cheesecake Rosie helped and made salads.We also made and cooked spring rolls.
It wasnt very busy not like it was Monday when we had nearly 30 meals.
I like working in the kitchen and we have to do many jobs.
serving, prep,cooking,cleaning,dishes and vacumming are some of the jobs I have to do


We were practiced at each item on the menu today; I cooked allot including cheesecake and lunch salads for fridays picnic; we sold nearly all roast beef and enjoyed springrolls ourselves.


Well we are back from holidays nowww.. =D
today was alright, maxc and i did online work..!
I lovess her!
im now close to finishing my WRS thing.
We just ate roast beef and spring rolls.
they were yummy as. =D
much loveeeeeeee, millee<3


To day in class i was doing online work instead of cooking and still had fun millee and ross and myself went out and had a look at the hazards we did have fun i love it here it is grate fun you can always be your self and always have someone to talk to and alwyas have a smile on your face xoxoxoxoxox and millee your still my angel wuv wu
always have fun and keep your head up high so you can achive your goals
that is what i do in my life now thanks to my teacher who has tought me that
i really do love this school
love always michelle nick name maxc gal

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Cafe food is so varied in actual fact... I am very satisfied in my tum tum!


Hi, I am in the caf'e with the gang,and we have been busy this morning.We have just finished serving lunch,it looked good so hope everyone likes their meal.We are up to date with the cleaning up, so we can have some lunch now.We have had a wet day so everyone is eating in doors today.That's it from me have a good day and I will catch you again soon



Heyy guys!! well today i.. did the dishers and wipped some cream and took some food out and made friends with the new kids there awsome as reall nice =) and well junitta ur the best teacher eva!! lol well guys im going now im goin to eat my lunch yummmmmmmmmm bye bye xoxox


Haaaiii everyone=D
well today we made a cake for my mum cause its her birthday D:
i hope she likes it.
Michelle smells. :)
and we fed the dog in he mens shed. its name was maxie and it was cute.

much love.. =D


Hi my name is Michelle,
I did a lot of cooking and had heaps of fun we cooked roast beef foccacia ans veggie one too. we also did braised steak and chocolate muffins yummmmmmmmm. I have made a new friend named rhi she is a sweet as kid lol giggel giggel this class is so fun as you get to be your self and learn new skills. Thank you junita you are a grouse teacher lol. I love it here well i ahjve to go and let someone els talk well later witch cha.........

and millie i love you darl and i miss you lol

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


today in the kitchen we made lebanese food , meat pastrys , veg and rice pastrys and dessert called baklava . It smeels great. Then we helped clean up.People enjoyed the meal.


Deon Baxter

Today in the kitchen we made vegetable and rice pastry, lebanese meat pastry and baklava. it's good to cook different foods from different cultures and different countries, also very nice.


Today has been alot of fun with a Lebanese Feast called a MEZZA. Teenagers are also fun, especially young Rosie...we are all a good team... it is a pity we lost Kerrie_I am going to visit her at her new job_it is just around the corner from me.Bye!



hey my name is michelle but call me maxc..... I live in a ref in bainsdale my home town is mildura..... i am 17 and yer um........ i got dirty today playing with meat lol..... i do volintry work at a special school i love cooking but not the cleaning part i hate it lol....... i made a friend lol nmae millee ....YAY.... im happy lol she is kewl lol the first thing she really said to me was do you have a smoke (dont tell noone) what am i saying i dont know so im going nice to write to you bye bye
i have a bf lol and he is so emo lol but he is awsom as..................... well im going this time later witcha xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxxoxox

;-) smile because im a great persen i will be your friend and yer


I'm Millee, im new today!
today we made a lebonsese feast and i helped out.. yay.
i am so kewl........
i live in lakes entrance but i used to live in sale and i miss it.
i cant think of what to say.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


today deon and i did a fair bit of work on our (WRS) on our wet paint wikis.
then helped clean up.

lauren parker


hey its rhi here!!! =) well today i did a bit of everything i took orders helped with the preperation of food and did some dishers.. and i tryed some of the food that we made it was filling but goooood.. bye bye xx


Today was an experience with what you can do with lots of vegies... also what you can do on a tight budget. And I think us students are gradually being less I simply finished job after job_well done me!


G'day! Today in the kitchen i had to do my work on WRS (work related skills) lauren and i we're catching up on our work that we've missed. theres was lots to do but we got most of that done today, so that's good. at lunchtime after everyone got their orders all of us got to eat, i had a curry puff with rice and salads it was nice. catch ya.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

David Sinclair

I didnt cook today l set up tabies l took orders and served.Aiso l help the younger students


Hey Everyone,
Today is my first day at BACE I was supposed to be doing film making but the teacher wasn't here so instead I done cooking in the kitchen met a few people and made a salad, I like it so far it seems pretty simple, anyway thats the first day almost over, this is my first blog so sorry if its a little quick and simple but thats it, Bye,
Billy......... :-)


hey im jessica and today i helped make lasange and panckakes filled with mussrooms and bacon they look yummy

Sunday, August 2, 2009


hey im jessica and to day in the kitchen we cooked pizza it was yummya

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

david sinclair

wash dishes tlelp with cooking fold napkins serve wstomers add to the biog set the tadles


Rosie why do we follow a recipe? we follow the recipe because if we dont follow the recipe we might get it wrong and it will not cook properly.


Today was extra enjoyable and we all achieved really well. The six tasks I did were washing dishes, prepping ingredients for salad and quiches, dry dishes, cooking, and serve food to customers. I followed the quiche recipe,for example, so that the result is garanteed, and so that shopping is economical, and time managment is efficent. I appreciate all the Safe Food Handling rules and procedures.


heyy everyone its rhi here!! =) well six things we have to do in our kichen are 1. we wash our hands. 2. help with cooking. 3. fold napkins- wrap cuttlery . 4. take orders. 5.serve customers. 6. set the table... We follow a recipe because if you dont you could get what ever your trying to cook wrong by just guessing.. you need to have the exact amount of all your ingredents.. bye bye



  1. wash dishes
  2. help with cooking
  3. fold napkins
  4. serve catomers
  5. add to the blog
  6. set the tables

Assessment Outcomes

Over the next 4 weeks I expect all students to answer a series of questions.

1. List 6 tasks that are performed in our kitchen.
2. Why do we follow a recipe?

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Hi my name is tracey,
today l did 3 hours off paper work it was a bit hard as l havent done paper work for a long time. Today we had a barbuce for lunch as it was a nice day the side salads were potatoe salad with bacon, noodle curry salad and tossed salad. For sweets is boiled fruit cake.


hey im jessica and today where haven a BBQ and i helped set the tables and chop the tomatos and helped with to hard balled egges for the saled

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Today every dish was reportedly of a high standard-hooray for us!!Even though some things got tricky.I think we all put best ever effort-good team work despite the students inexperience.I have suggested a Winter Stew-hearty and filling...and enjoyable.


hi my name is Rosie. on Thursday i got my braces on i am not Able to eat hard food so i can only eat soft food. and i made lovely wight sauce

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


i helped surve and clean up i enjoyed the food we had that was left over


Ebony Ciantar

heyyy whats doinn?

Today we had alot of people come in and there was abit of confusion but we all sorted it out in the end

xx Ebbziii


Nice and busy again today. Taryn and I made a delicious pineapple up-side-down cake. Lots of happy customers.


Today i helped surve clean up and fill the water bottles .
i was away last week so i tryed to catch up . i hade fun i enjoyed it.

lauren parker


Wednesday Cafe Connections day today I made a upside down pudding with pineapple and I worked with some team members and we did well. Others made some pies roast beef as usual and some salad. Did the dishes flowers on the table. They made much more food and it depends wether we have much food left so we can take some home. The pudding had a lot of sugar so it will be very sweet it has roughly three cups worths.


Rosie today i chopped tomato's and i helped a lot.


We are too busy today.Nothing for us to eat.I hope the customers find it yummy! We are all becoming quite competant,even if I do say so myself!I have even been cooking more at home!Especially at Winter you consume much more food.Bye!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Hi peoples it is Tracey here l have been away for awhile with the flue it has been sad for me as l couldnt come in the cafe and come and help out. Well l am back in the cafe and lm feeling fine today l help pre food and did dishes.


hi im jessica and today i helped cut tomartos and musrooms to make a sald and did the dishers

Tansy Bradshaw

Hey there,

I am Tansy and I come to mainly make salad on Monday's. I enjoy the cafe and love learning how to make new dishes.

I am also studing Library Services through Box Hill TAFE.

I am looking forward to this weekend because my friend from Melbourne is coming down.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

david sinclair

hi david here today l started earny to help junita we were very busy.we worked uery hard


Wednesday June 20th. Today we are serving rost pork and vegetables, tuna patties, cheesecake for dessert, mexican stack that Taryn made and spinach and lasagne. This would be a great day of people coming and enjoying our meals. We have over 40 people for lunch and more to come.


Hi just quickly (much meals today) orders are fun and I hope waitressing all the masses of orders is apreciated...everyone seems happy today including the customers so it should be smiles all around bye.
ROSIE today I picked letes.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Cafe Students

Well Done everyone your skill level is improving.
I am impressed with the way you are all working together, and applaude all your hard work.
The meals we are producing are of the highest freshness, quality and are affordable.
Keep up the good work
Junita Lyon
Cafe Facilitator

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

David Sinclair

today was very busy at the cllege cafe we had roast pork savory pancakes potatoe and bacon.


Today i really enjoyed myself, helping out and working with my daughter, Ebb it was alot of fun, i will definatly be coming back to help out when needed, it was alot of fun and exitment.

xx Faye


Thanks everyone for the birthday card!We are very busy today_UA3 have ordered most of the roast pork; and I have cooked 2 lots of pancakes;and double the desert had to be made. It is funny seeing everyone nicely "boss" each other around_ we are a confidently learning team_thanks to Junita and her expertise and great cafe recipes_it is a happy kitchen with plenty of customers. i am getting rather hungry but there might not be much left! Bye!

Ebony Ciantar

Today i made bread and butter pudding, stuffed pancakes and stuffed potatoes. It was really interestiong to learn how to make the bread and butter pudding, it was really fun to make as well. My mum came to help out today to, and that was coool :)

i think today will be busy, but thats good, it makes it more fun.



Today I helped Rosie make Bread and Butter Pudding. We had so many orders we had to get in more supplies to make an additional pudding.


Rosie today I made bread and butter pudding . today we are having lung in side.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


G'day today in the cafe we made honey soy chicken wings, vegetable potato topped pie, mushroom and bacon pasta and rice pudding. Junita tought me how to make mushroom and bacon pasta, so thats what i was doing most of the time in the cafe. i also served up the chicken wings, pasta and helped with doing some dishes. today was a good day and i had fun c'ya.
Deon Baxter.


heyyy!!! its rhi well today me n ebbz got to school early to begain cooking i took orders and waitressed and it was bussy but fun:) bye bye xx
Ebony Ciantar:

Today i made Vegtable pie with potatoe topping, i boiled the potatoes then mashed them with some cream and butter. We then put it on the top of the vegies which were in pastry crust. We made $123.00 dollars today which is almost $70 dollars profit. Today was abit stressful with the customers putting in orders late but we all sorted it out together.


Wednesday May 27th. We had less people today. Today I did some waitressing and it's a lot of work and a lot of fun. I had two other people with me. We worked in threes and one did the ordering and I did the writing. We ran out of paper. On the menue we had rice pudding pasta, vegetable pie and chicken wings. Delisciouse. All together we had 28 meals to dish up.


today i got to school late . Deon and i made cabanara i helped surve and clean up.
we worked veryhard i did dishes and cleaned the fridge


Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Rosie Today i made rissoles in Gravy


Today i helped jessica make bacon stuffed potatoe and i brang the dishes back in after the customers was finished with them.


Wednesday 13/5/09
today i made bacon stuffed patatos , helped serve the customers and ten helped clean up .
Jessica Parker.

Deon Baxter

G'day today was fun in the kitchen we made chicken cacciatore, patato dutches, vegies, stuffed patato with bacon, stuffed patato with mushroom and celery, apple turnovers and rissoles in gravy, well i didnt cook them actually i cooked sausages and onion for the students to eat if they were hungry and i was hungry so i had one. so yeah i had a great day. deon


Wednesday 13/5/09
Today deon and i turned up a little late . The first thing i made was a patato dutchess
then made a salad, helped clean up and surved customers .
Lauren ann Parker

Cafe Connections

Wednesday 13th May. There were lots of people here today to help with the preparation of food for the customers. Today we made Italian dishes that had lots of flavours with chicken wings golden brown and the sauce on top it was called chicken caccitore. The others made rissoles with gravy on top, baked potatoes and apple turn over and custard for desert.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

david sinclair

Today I cooked and served bean buritos.

david sinclair


Sally Wilson:Connections Cafe

Sally here again!It is funny,the less people to trip over,the more we achieve in less time!Today I cooked a main dish and I think it will prove to be popular:chili beef enchiladas "a la" Sally!Both facts reflect how we have all improved each week.


Rosie today I made chocolate mousse and salad and I folded napkins

Kary Ratz

Hi Everyone,

I'm a new to the class and this morning has been very interesting - especially since I have been ravenous since all the good cooking smells started floating around the room.

I'm here to help out the students with the paperwork and anything else that needs doing. Everyone here has been very friendly and I'm looking forward to recording the next fridge temperature with the students.

More next week.



Wednesday 6th of May. Today we made as a team mexican rice, beef enchilada , chocolate moose and nachoes. Taryn was told to do the dishes and then accidently sliced her finger with the sharp metal mixter. She got out of doing the dishes. Rhiannon and I walked around the school to pick some flowers and found some beautiful flowers and some gum trees as well. Next we put them on the table and they all looked fantastic on the table.


Heyy everyone its Rhiannon!!!
Well today i started off by making some chocolate mousse with Rosie. We started by melting the chocolate in the microwave then we wipped some cream then added them together and wohlah.. Chocolate mousse. After that i went and took the orders and when i returned i made up two salads with rosie, that was simple as lol. then after i finished that me and junitta made nachos. They look yummy!! :) well bye bye till next time! :) Xx

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


my name is david. l cooked the roast today and served. the meals at lunchtime.
l haue been working in the college cafe since the middle of last year l am a cgea student.


Cafe Connections day, Today Taryn made tuna patties, roast beef with vegetables, apple crumble and Lazanza we liked it and now I know how to make another recipe for tuna patties. they were golden brown in colour and so filling I could only manage to eat two.


Today I mde spinach lasagne

Deon Baxter

Today in the cafe Junita gave lauren and i the recipe to make lemonade scones, so we made the scones put them in the oven and while we waited for them to cook we also had to whip up some cream help out around the kitchen and Junita also showed me how to make really nice gravy. we also done some paper work, it was our food safety program book for certificate II in hospitality (kitchen operations). i also learnt how to make silverbeat lasagne even tho i didnt make it i learnt by watching . today was a good day for learning.

lauren parker

date : 22/4/09
today in the hospitality class with janita. Deon and i worked together. We made two batches of lemonade scones and whipped up some cream for the scones, helped prepare the items that were going to be used for cooking ,set up the tables and chairs , served , helped clean up and did our paperwork for our food safety program template certificate II hospitality (kitchen operations). I had a good day.


Sally again.I love taking orders from custeromers and I find waitressing easy except for carrying more than two plated dishes (like Junita does) at once!Junita really knows everything about CAFES_I'm learning up-to-date info and doing it to!BYE!


Sally again!I did abit or should I say alot of everything including the salads and helping everyone in the kitchen.The team-work stuff is going really well I think.


Heyy my name is Rhiannon. I started cafe this morning. I made apple crumble to start with, after that I put it in the oven to cook.
I helped with the dishers i dryed and put them away. Later this afternoon i will work on my waitressing skills.
bye bye

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Today I asked the students to write about teamwork.
Junita Lyon
Cafe trainer and facilitator

1st April Catch up Taryn

Today we made roast beef, cream caramel, spaghetti and vegetable slice and the cream camalel is so sweet I had it hot mm deliscious. Today we talked about teamwork and that we came here to serve and cook as a team. No matter who we like we still have to help each other out. The customers are our priotity.
Sally:communication,responsibilities,great recipes,and fun staff add up to good teamwork in my eyes!Worthwhile,enjoyable,and important for daily life in general as well as in the cafe kitchen.My past working life is full of teamwork fun,games and earnings! Will we get to do another function; functions really give you a sense of achievement.
Rosie. teamwork is important to me because if we did not have teamwork we wouldnt get the food to the people quick enough

why is team work important in the kitchen?

team work in the kitchen makes everything easier and team work in the kitchen gets the job finshed quicker. by willie

why is team work important in the kitchen?

Because you get the job done quicker and easier and you create friendship.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

today i chopped carrots and tholed napgens.
hello my name is Willie, today i helped make bacon and mushroom filo and bread and butter pudding with Jessica =D.
hi my name is jessica and today i helped make bread and butter pudding and make bacon and mushroom filo, it smelt yummy and looked delicous.

Cafe Connections 25th March

This is an up to date profile of the school cafe. Last week we made hedgehogs and they were deliscouse and much more. This week we made bread and butter pudding, lemonade scones with cream on top, some triangler savories, colesaw, more salads and a roast lamb lunch with roasted vegetables. Yum oh. That's it for the week.
Hi,Sally again!Getting to know the kitchen helps your confidence alot!And averagely busy customer-wise is good also.Dishes are always not just yum but interesting too,for example curry samoosa!It's fun getting to know the other students.

Showing off my art-work at Harmony Day,I hope helped my reputation as well as made the day more colorful for all!In case you are interested,I have many for sale!Ph 51521752.
See you next "scrumptious Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sally again : many customers today, phew! i am tired out... To die for quiche,salads and roast...bye for fortnight cos H.DAY(big fun cos i am showing off my drawings).


hi my name is kristy today we served customer our workers come and had lunch that said they enjoyed it and we also had a cake 4 jess birthday cause she turns16 on sunday and we also had bacon and eggs sandwich it was yum thank you 4 reading my bog.
my name is jessica i to day i fryed up vegies my birthdays on sunday im turnen 16 they had a cake 4 me and sang happy birthday


kristy and i were the ones that set up the tables and cated all the food for the customers, it is always a bit of fun stopping and talking to the customers because they have some very interesting stories about the town and who has been through it.
today i made a hedge hog with brenda it tasted awesome ...jamie
today me and jamie made a hedgehog it came out perfect its the first succesfull desert we have ever made ...brenda
Wednesday March 11th 2009. Today Sally and I made 3 based quiches with bacon, cheese, cream, milk and some extra things for flavouring. Sally just did the extra bits to help out. That took us all morning. Then had a birthday cake and it was Jessica's special day. Then came the dishes I normally do them because they keep coming in. We had a break and thats it. One last thing the girls made a hedgehog slice it looked so yummy and sweat. Some people had some lunch that was bacon and eggs on toast. We were working very fast and confident

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

hi sally again i think i became more efficient today although we missed a dish i"m glad we sold all the other food quickly bye again.
i made the pasta that i invinted and it is wicked it is a real easy step by step instruction recipe that anyone can follow.

mad notes
today i did waitressing at the caf'e i had a good time because i was with my friends and we all worked together :-)
today i worked in the kitchen, i was waitressing, which was fun

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today at community college i worked in the cafe i didnt mind it ..but things had to be done really fast ..i had to be a waitress it was kinda fun
this week i started at community collage, i worked in the kitchen/cafe' today, which i didn't like too much.
To day i started at community college i live at east bairnsdale im 15 turning 16 on march the 15th i hope they make a cake at the cafe for my birthday
I ran around alot but still got muchly done in all areas except waitressing, and enjoyed it! SALLY .see you next week.

Cafe Connections Catch Up


We are having heaps of fun learning new skills and cooking for other people. I've learnt how to make baked potatoes with bacon, cheese and onion. When they came out of the oven they looked fantastic golden brown.
my name is Rosie to day i made scones . i like doing comptuer and playing on the wii and with my dog sowy . i used to to at east gipsland sepeacialist school i am here becuse i was tod to rosis

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

HI My name is Rosie I like playing on the computer and playing with my dog snowy.
HI ! I am Sally,an artist actually!I just want to have lots of fun this year at the cafe.
Hey i am Melissa am 22 i am 16 weeks Pregnant i am in the VCAL class i am doing Cafe talk Later.

Hi my name is Taryn Haylock and I am doing a course at the Community College in Bairnsdale which is Cafe Connections for a year.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Certificate II Hospitality (Kitchen operations)

2009 Students are about to embark on a new project of training and assessment documenting their progress at each step of the learning process .
Our project is to implement and develop a "College Cafe" where students will gain the knowledge and skills to enter future employment as a short order cook.
Welcome to all new Students
Accredited -Vcal, General Education
Non accredited -connections program
Before the cafe opens you will all complete "Follow workplace Hygiene procedures "

If you have already completed this unit you will be expected to attend and update
your knowledge.
A food safety program will be implemented and all students will be involved in documentation of this program on a daily basis
Time sheets must be completed at end of each class.
Good Luck to all
Junita Lyon

Monday, November 3, 2008

Certificate II Hospitality (kitchen operations)

Well done to all and for those leaving us to start careers in the hospitality industry I wish you all the best and hope you leave with a feeling of achievement

The documentation in this blog is a self assessment and evidence of the students tasks they have preformed in a cafe environment as part of the Vcal workskills training program, at community college.
Students implemented a cafe at the college cooking, waiting and kitchenhand tasks were preformed students participated in all catering and functions held during the year

Junita Lyon ..Facilitator

Work with colleagues and customers
Follow health safety and security procedures
Work in socially diverse environment
Develop and update Industry knowledge
Follow workplace hygiene procedures
Receive and store kitchen supplies
Organise and prepare food

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hey. Today is my last day at the cafe and at CCEG. My time here was interesting, enjoyable, and fun. I learnt heaps of new things about cooking and is involved with a cafe. I made new friends and go to enjoy having Junita as a teacher again. After the graduation, I will be moving to Sydney for a job offer at a resturant, which I got due to the subjects I learnt in this course. I might come back to say hey, so bye till next time. Diane
Hi Tracey VK here again,
This is the last blog for the year and our last class for the year. I was sick on Wednesday so could not be here.
Today we are doing a Bar-b-q with hamburgers, sausages and different salads.
Chocolate mousse for dessert and scones for morning tea.
We have to make sure our books are filled proprerly. The kitchen is being clean and cuppoards tidied. Tracey W did the cupboards and she is sorting through the dry goods cupboards.
I've learnt quit a bit this year doing this course and must say I much prefer to do hands on work rather than writen. Cooking so much more fun than bookwork. We have done our worksheets and bookwork though.
The best part is when we get to sample our work, yummy.
Well bye till next year,
Tracey VK xo.
Hi there it is tracey back again. l wasn't here last friday as l was a way. Well it is the last day for cooking for the year. Its a sad day as we will not see each other until next year. l sarted in late august it has been fun cooking for people and learning how to cook different type of food.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hey. Today we are having a BBQ, with all different salads. The dessert today is chocolate mouse and cream. Its the second last class for the year, Im very sad to see the year finish. But had a great time with everyone and learnt many new things. Diane

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hey. Today we cooked a different recipe for Tiramisu. It still tasted good. Everything worked out fine and we finished the cleaning fast. But the only problem was that the food was a few mintues later, but everything turned out fine. Diane
Hi all,
Well the food is all done and cooking ahead of time, so we have got the dishes done and can relax alittle before lunch starts.
The tiramisu is done to a different recipe, Robert's own and yummy.
So bye till next week.
Tracey VK

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Today we've made Italian food. The menu was Meat Lasagna, Pizza Calzone, Salad with Lettuce,
Tomato and Radicchio dressed with oil,vinegar,salt and pepper at last for dessert Junita
prepared a delicious Tiramisu'. The response of our customers was very positive, someone
came back asking more food to take away. For friday we are expecting a busy day.
Till friday good bye from Robert.
Hello Tracey VK again,
We have Italian food today. Yummy.
We have lasagna and both meat and veg calzone as the main meal. With an Italian type dessert, and Diane's yummy scones.
Not many people here today, only four students and our tutor Junita, so thank goodness we have an easy to make menu today.
Bye till Friday,
Tracey VK
Hey. Today we are cooking Lasagna and Calzoine. Everything was quiet and on time. The only problem was that the water was turned off, but came back on quickly. Diane
Hi My name is Marie and I am in the cafe today, I have been doing various jobs to fill in today.
We will finish up our course next week for the year, I have completed 7 units this year, so I am very happy about this achievment. We are having an Italian menu today, with calzone, Lasagne and an Italian desert. We finish up with a BBQ next week. The last BBQ was very popular and we want to finish up on a high.

Marie Ormiston

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hi Traceyvk here again,
I didn't do my blog Wednesday,my bad LOL.
Today I made the Lebanese bread and banana splits, Diane made the yummy chocolate sauce to go over the banana splits.
Done dishes and washed down benches. I made some bread up for the other students with the dough that stuck together, as we could not serve it to customers.
Bye till next time
Hello I'm Robert today we are cooking Lebanese food. This morning I've made a dip called
Hummus, then David and I rolled out the Pita bread. Next week we are preparing Italian
food. Every thing is going well and we are all together enjoing making food of other countries.
David here
today i help with lebanese meat sticks and pita bread
lam enjouing working in the cafe
Hey. Today everyone showed up, so we cooked the meals on time. Next week we'll be cooking Iltaian food, I'm looking forward to it. Enjoyed cooking and learning about Labonese food. Diane

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hi It's Teags again,
To day we had a stress full day as we wernt
quite prepared for lunch
but we got there in the end.
This week we did Lebanese food's for lunch and
just the usual for morning Tee
which is devonshire tee with scones,coffee,and just
a normal tee with out scones.We all had to finish at 1:00
so we could all do some assessment's well that's all for now
yours sincerely Teag's
Hey. Today we cooked Lebonese dishes. Also we made some banana splits for a desert. Everything started to get quiet after the first couple of minutes of serving the food. Banana splits were a big hit and we'll serve them again on Friday. Diane
Hello everyone, I am back in the kitchen and we have a Lebonese menu today, we have sold out. Everyone enjoyed the chance to try something new.We had six of us in the kitchen and it was a good chance to work as a team. We have been very busy keeping up with the public. the meals were meat + vegetarian options. We made naan bread from scratch and it was very popular, I tried it with humus and it was beautiful. There have been numerous requests for our pereperation on the meals we have used, so we are putting out a book on all the meals we have used this year, and we are going to sell them. It will boost our takings for the year.

Marie Ormiston

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hi there it's Teags again,
we are all back from our holidays and for this term
we are all doing foods from different cultures and this
week we are doing Mexican next week we will be cooking
Lebanse foods.To day I set up all the tables, chairs, and picked
some flowers to put on all the tables.To day we were short on
staff and it was a very casual for a Friday.I've also helpt out in the
kitchen and did some dishes and helpt clean up the kitchen
at the end of the day so we could all go home early well thats it for to day
and have a great day by....

Hey. This week we cooked Mexican food, like burritos, enchilla and nacho pie. It was nice to start the new term with easy and fun food to cook. Also to see everyone again. Next week we will be cooking food from another culture, sounds interesting. Diane
Hello Tracey VK again, we were on holiday for two weeks and this week is our first back.
We had a bar-b-que for the last day last term, I could not be there though as my son and I were both sick.
We have been a bit short staff today and Wednesday, but it's working out fine. Mexican this week.
I have done cooking, prepared the salad and whipped cream, served customers and done dishes and cleaned up.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hello I'm Robert, today 19/09/2008 is our last day, we are on holiday for the next 2 weeks.
For the last day we are having BBQ, salads,and cakes that we have prepared for our customers.
It's not to busy,everyone is enjoying what they are doing.David is doing a good job with the barbaque, he seems practice doing it. Today is a hot day, for the first time I prefere staying in
kitchen then outside. This course or Hospitality Cafe' is being for me a very positive expirience.
We all are becoming are good team.
Hey. Today is the last day of the term. Today we are cooking a BBQ lunch with different salads. Its nice and relaxing, and everyone is in a good mood. Also the weather is sunny and not windy like it has been for the last couple of days. We well be back after the two week holiday. Looking forward to coming back and cooking new menus. Diane
Hi Tracey
lts Friday 18 th of September last day for cooking as it is school holidays. Today l helped maked salads and made scones for morning tea. l washed dishes, dryed dishes,wiped benches,clean stoves and help sereve up meals.
Hi there its Teagan again,
today is the end of the term and I can't wait
till the holidays!!! even though its only 3hours away(YAY)
For the end of the term we are doing a BBQ for our customers
ans our self's also with some nice fresh salads.Well I'd love to
tell you all that Ive done something today but I haven't really
done much Al's Ive done today is pick some flowers to put on the tables
for good looks.Then I also rolled up the knives and forks
now we are all ready to dish and serve our customers for lunch.
On Wednesday we didn't do any cooking for the cafe coz we all
had to do paper work that we all had to catch up on how exiting!
well at least I've got all my paper work done and at the end of the year I
will have all 6units done and will have 7 certificates to put on my resume
and then I can say Ive completed all my GLOWS!!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hi my name tracey today l helped perped food for todays meal washed dishes and cleaned the fridge out. l came in yesterday and help perper food for a cater job it was great
Hi my name is Nichole Coleman and im the assistant tutor at the Community College Cafe my tasks are to assist the students with there cooking tasks and there food safe and handling skills i also help with there food safety programs
Hey. This week we had a catering job for Gellen.
The menu included;
Mini meat pies
Spinach filo
Sausage rolls
Cup cakes
Mini cream and jam scones
We got a great comment about the quailty of the food.
Hey. Recently Junita, Tracey and I went to the mall to help advertise the college. We made small cup cakes and at the mall we iced them and handed some to the public. We also talked about what is involved within the Hospitality coarse. We had a great time and got great comments on the cakes. Diane

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hi there my name is Tracey. l have just joined the cafe today and is great fun. l servered up food for the custormers and did alot off dishes .
Good morning I`m Robert and with Nichole our tutor, we are today waitressing.Today we have 2 new students,David and Tracy,all together we are making a good team. The first thing I`ve done this morning is giving a hand to Junita making a Bread and Butter Pudding,then with Nichole we take up all the orders for morning breakfast and lunch.Now it`s near midday, Junita
is asking me to cut the roast lamb,I have to go.
By to the next time.
Hi there its Teagan again,
I have been told by other students and by Junita
which is our teacher that this hole week has been pritty good,
as I was unable to be hear on the Tuesday and Wednesday
but the good thing is, is that Im hear today!
Today has been a very slow and casuall day in the kitchen.
Als Ive done today is make a salad for lunch and then at
12:oo i'll be serving roast beef and taking orders out to our
custimers and thats all for today thank you for reading my blog.

Hey, today we met two new students. Everyone is getting along with each other. I prepared the roast, quiche and lasagna. Also we learnt how to carry more than one plate at a time. I got the hang of it quite quickly. Diane

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hey. Today we were a little short of staff, but everything turned out well with a little bit of team work. I made the lansagna and quiches for lunch. Each week I start to like the cafe a bit more and hope the experence will last. Diane
Good Morning my name is Marie Ormiston and I am working in the cafe today . We are under staffed today, with several off with a virus. We are working as a team and we are managing very well. I have made two rasberry cakes, for lunch today and morning tea on friday

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hello I`m Robert,for the first time I made a dish by my- self,a asparagus and egg Lasagna.Today my daugther and her boyfriend came here for lunch,they tried my lasagna,I had a positive response from her ( making me happy and satisfaction ).It`s being a busy day cooking and cleaning,everyone has done a great job. The only problem we are working out is the serving system, Junita said that next week we will do it in another way.
Then to next week.
Hi. Today I made mini sconces and quiches for the catering of Tough Love. Also made pita wraps with Tegan. During lunch I helped with the serving of the quiches and roast. I brought in some plates, knives and forks for the cafe. Bye from Diane

head waiter,beau

Hello my name is beau im the head waiter of the cafe today we have been doin a catering job in the kitchen makin a lot of diffrent foods our team is workin at a great pace we're all on time and all most done for the day its has'nt been very busy today just simple and fast this cafe has turned into a great sucssess.
Hi there its Teagan again,
Today we had a catering function for
the Community College and it was great fun!!!
we all helpt with cooking,watressing,cleening and making
little nick nacks
Dianne and I maide some really nice pitta bread wraps with egg,
letuce,cheese,avacado,alfalfa,carrot, and roast beef.(yum yum)
I also helpt with spreading some icing on little bite size cup cakes.
Then I also maid a jam and wiped creem spunge cake with chocolate icing.
then Nicole our new superviser helpt me cut the tops off the minni scones
and put jam and wiped creem in the middle then we put the tops back on.
Well thats all for today I hoped you injoued reading what I had to say
yours sincerly Teagan...
Good morning I am Marie Ormiston and I am waitressing today in our Caf'e. We have just seved the morning tea and we had a good response to our devonshire tea's. We have had a catering job as well as our normal morning of preparing for lunch hour.Everyone is busy getting the catering work done. We have Roast Beef for lunch , robert is cooking an Italian Lasagne with Asparagus and egg it looks lovely. We also have Egg and bacon quiche ,along with rice pudding.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hello I`m Robert
today I`m in kitchen cooking. When I arrived this morning,on the bench I find a note from
Junita asking me to prepare the Bread and Butter Pudding , Quiche and the salad,all done.
Now I`m waiting for the roast pork is ready,because Junita told me to cut it,I don`t use
the elettric knife,I prefer the good sharped classic knife.In the mean time I opened the door and
window it`s to hot in here.
This is all for today, good bye till next time.
Hi every one it's Teagan hear,
at the Cafe we are having a great day but very casual
hopefully we get a bit more buissy at lunch I dont really no
how the girls went for morning tee as I am the cook for two weeks
again (YES) how exiting as you all no I love my cooking and i'd
rather be cooking than watressing or taking orders. To day I have cook'd
some garlic bread,collyflower,cheese sauce, and re-heated some Minestrone
soup for lunch today.Well thats all for today people hope you have a good one.
Hello all,
Well for a Friday it is quiet, I'm kitchen hand again today so a bit of everything for me today.
I iced and creamed the chocolate cake that Diane and I made today and put strewberries.
My man is here today and we will have lunch together.
Bye Tracey xo

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cafe Report

All students have now experienced each job task and demonstrate team work
Students are problem solving and offering ideas every week to improve on quality and service
Favorite recipes are now being made with enthusiasm and excitement
Any conflict that occurs is dealt with as a team with discussion and the occasional apology
The future looks good for our town employers
Keep up the good work
Junita Lyon
VCAL Facilitator

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hi again, Tracey here. I was sick last week so nothing for then.
Today I'm a kitchen hand so I get to do a bit of everthing but mostly cleaning and I made a chocoalate cake with Diane.
I've chopped vegies and stirred soup, later I will help serve out the food on plates, and do the dishes and cleaning.
Bye for now Tracey
Hi from Suzan,
Today my job was waiting I am enjoying this and feel that it is a good skill to learn.
Hi my name is Teagan
and I have been doing hospitality for a month
at the Comunity College and I'm rather enjoying it.Today I got to
cook my own recipe which was a nice hot pot of Minestrone Soup.
Im hoping that people will enjoy and buy my soup
even though its not the kind of day that you would eat soup
as it is a nice worm day out there today.I also helpt clean the
kitchen a bit and helpt around the kitchen for those who needed the extra hand.
Today I hope we are alot more busy than we have been as we need the extra cash
to get by and to help with our budget other than that everything is going well.

Marie Ormiston

Good morning ,I am working as a waiter this morning ,we have just finished morning tea and we have a busy lunch time coming up. The kitchen is buzzing along and we are working as a team everyone is more settled now we know the routine.The roast has been well recieved and is now a staple of the menu. We have set up more tables in a spare room for our customers today, and next week we will be doing a catering job as well as the lunches.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hey. Today I went around the college and took all of the orders for morning tea and lunch. I also helped Beau set up the table and chairs for lunch. I made my first coffee today. Less scary than I thought, but it went well. Next week I will be kitchen hand. Looking forward to it. Diane
Hi my name is Teagan,
and I just finished making a nice Asparagus Frittata
for the cafe today.The ingredients I used was
2 tins of asparagus
2 large peppers
1 medium zucchini
1 tablespoon butter or margarine
6 eggs
1/2 cups heavy cream
1 and 1/2 teaspoons salt
1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
then I put it in the oven for a while grated cheese over the top
then I was ready to surve (yum yum) I also mais a coupple of juices for morning tee
and made a salad dressing for lunch.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hey. Last week I had a bad case of the flu. Better this week. Today I was a waiter and I also helped out with all the dishes. Today we served lasagna, roast beef, pineapple upside down cake. Before lunch started, some of us made garlic bead for the lasagna meals. Everything turned out well and everyone enjoyed their meals. Diane.
Hi my name is Teagan,
and I do work experience at the Community College 3days a week.
I enjoy what I do and it helps when you work with people that you get
along with or that you no...
Today I made a salad two go with Lasagna that Marie made and she
also maid an Asparagus Frittata. This morning I was surposed to be cooking
then I had to take over Tracey's spot because she had to go home as she had her
son at work as well as Suezan so they were told to leave because of safty health
reasons. For morning tea it was very casual
hopefully for lunch things will be alot better aslong as not to many people turn up
as last week we ran out of food and thats not good.

Beau Davey,head waiter

Today,we have had a new set up for the waiter's erea of the cafe the waitreses have done a wonderful job for the morning tea session,now we are just waiting for the lunch time rush food is all ready prepeared this morning just a little bit more being done,table's have been set up out the front we have a beautiful day outside we are a little short staff but we're doing a good job to keep up with the times of today this cafe is a great success.
This morning I`m being busy washing and giving a hand preparing the meals for lunch.
Today we have a new menu.Every one is enjoying in College Cafe` making there part in this program.

Marie Ormiston

The cafe is running really well with good sales on Friday which is our day that brings a crowd.We have a roast on today along with Lasagna Asparagus Frittata,and Ham and Potatoe Pancake's. The students are doing very well today we have a new system for taking and serving the orders and it worked really wellI need to go now and help with the Garlic Bread and gravy.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hi my name is Teagan and today I had to cook because Sue
was not hear so I took her place.To day I cooked salad, salad dressing,
savory pancakes, and a really nice chocolate sauce puding. For the pudding I had to
dubble the ingredients to make enough for every one.So far my family is verry proud of me
of what I have become and what I am currentley doing.They have supported the cafe every Wednesday and friday's just for the extra support...Last week was verry busy so today was verry casual.Well thats all for today thank you for taking the time to read my log!!!
Hello Tracey again,
I'm a waitress again today, Fridays are a busier day. My son is here today as he has a headach. He really enjoyed the pancake with jam and cream. My feet will be very sore tonight awww ouch, i'll live lol.
Bye till next time.
Hi I`m Robert.Today I`m in kitchen cooking,I have to make the Nachos.I gave a hand making
pancakes and salads.For me it`s the first time cooking I am enjoying doing this.
This morning I prepared a Devonshire Tea for my wife Gianna, she`s enjoying that I am serving
her.In kitchen we all work well together,for Junita is being busy to co-ordinate every thing.
She always saying" well done".

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My name is Marie Ormiston and i have been working in our cafe today, it has been a busy and productive day I was cook and the food was well received.We are working as a team and the benefits are showing
Hi from Suzan
This week I have been cooking and I added my Fancey Narcos.
Hi my name is Teagan and I have been doing hospitality
for 3weeks now and for the first 2weeks I was doing cooking
and now I am doing waitressing I dont really like waitressing
as much as I like cooking...To day I went around getting peoples orders
and set up the tables for our custermers.Then I worked at the till serving
people that come in how exiting not...


Hello all,
Well it's cafe day again. Today I'm a waitress. So far I have tken orders, made coffee and juice, done pancakes and served. Later we start the lunch, so I'm doing the blog and wraping the knives and forks in napkins and setting out the plates.
Til next time bye for now.
I`m Robert ,today it`s my turn being a kitchenhand with Beau.It`s being busy for me washing,even for Beau because he had to give a hand to the waitress,it was there first day.
Today we have a new menu,it`s coming every day more interesting studing and working
in College Cafe`.Junita my teacher, told me that friday I`l be in kitchen cooking,it will be
funny for me.
hi my name is beau i was the head waiter the last few weeks now i have been re-signed to kitchen hand and a helper for the new waiter's wich has been hard but its all working out fine now slow at times but every thing is right and on time.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Congratulations everyone!

Congratulations Junita and team on the Community College Cafe. I have thoroughly enjoyed the yummy morning teas and delicious lunches during the past two weeks and I'm looking forward to tasting the new menu for this week.
Your blog is interesting to read and I can see how much you are all learning; practising not only cooking skills, but team work, communication, literacy, maths and interpersonal skills. Well done everyone!

Jenny Coutts
General Education Manager
Community College East Gippsland

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hi. Today was relaxing. We kept up with all the dishes, and the food was cooking nicely. It has been very fun working as a cook for the last two weeks. Next week I start as a waiter. Looking forward to learning how to prepare coffee and tea. See ya Diane.
Hi I`m Robert today is my last day being a waiter,for the next 2 weeks I will be a kitchenhand
It`s being positive working like a waiter because I have to speak, making me improve my english.
This morning was busy, there were many orders to list up,it will be busy even for lunch.
Today for lunch we have many customers that booked the Sheppard`s Pie meal maked by
our young girl cook Teagan.It seems that our College Cafe` will be a big success.
HI I am beau im the head waiter at the community collage cafe,I started today at 9:15 am and i have been taking orders and setting up the cafe for today we have just got a new fridge and till that i put the money in when people pay for there orders it's been a busy morning but now every thing seem to be up to date.
Beau Davey.....
Hi every one today I made sheppards pie
and wipped up a nice salad and a home made dressing
to go with it.I also prepared morning brew which was scones
with your choice of drink.
To day has gone well so fare and I have rather enjoyed it.

Teagan Adamson.....

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hi every one
To day my dutys was kittchen hand that duty are washing up and cleaning the floor and wiping down benchers
Hey. Today we learned to cook new meals. I prepared the Carbonara, Spinach and ricotta filo. Also made more sconces for the Devonshire tea. We were slightly before time with the food, so during the break we did some paper work and prepared the plates for lunch. Today was more enjoyable and more relax than the first Wednesday last week. See ya Diane.
Hi my name is Teagan,
Iam currrently doing my hospitality and cooking at Community College
and I enjoy what I do I also do beautition work for MarryKay.
To day I made a nice sheppards pie and Deb maid a Carbonara pasta
Deb is the other cook for the week besides me. We also helpt make a
cheese cake and a lemon cake ther was also some Sausage rolls maid by
our teacher Junita. We all got along like a house on fire today it was good
nothing got out of hand like last week.
Goodmorning to you all. I am Marie Ormiston from Bairnsdaleand I am working in our Cafe today at Community College.We have served Morning Tea and we are having a break. I am waiter today so I have been taking orders for lunch.We have Carbonara, spinach and Ricotta Pie, sausages rolls, Sheppard's Pie all for the grand total of $2.00 . I have made a lemon frost cake and we have a lemon cheesecake. We have done really well as a couple of students have not turned up,we have worked as a team and got the job done
Hi I`m Robert this morning is not busy like last week,everything is going well.We changed the old Cafe` machine with a new one,this one goes better.We changed even the way we put in list the orders that we get,it`s ensure us that every castomer is served

Today in the new menu we have in list Pasta Carbonara,coming from Italy I`m very curios to taste it.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Today is more relax and calm. Morning tea and lunch was more steady and in control. Little problem with the scones, but we solved it quickly. Next week is a new menu, so looking forward to learning to cook something new. Diane

Wednesday the 18th July.

Hi all,
Well today I was back on cooking. I also did dishes as there are less people on Fridays,
I was going to be away but lucky for Diane I'm here.
Save menu today as Wednesday, we change it next week. I wont be here next week though as my son has a hospital appointment and we have to leave Wednesday, it's a four hour trip.
Bye for now Tracey
I`m Robert for 2 weeks I am one of the waiter`s together with Beau.We prepare the tables,list all the orders. I'm the one in charge for making the coffee, coming from Italy maybe it`s for that.
This morning some friends and my wife Gianna came to breakfast, she enjoyed that I served her
a cup of coffee in College Cafe`,it does'nt happen often.
It has to be funny when I am in charge in kitchen.

Beau Davey/head waiter

my name is beau im the head waiter at the community college i started today at 8:25 everything has been going to plan all the morning tea orders have gone out on time and we are about to start the lunch orders there has been no fights between staff everyone has been working as a great team and my waiter's have done there jobs on time and with a big smile on there faceses our team is a great team we all work well together this morning has been a great success now we just have to see how lunch go's .

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hi my name is Diane. Today we started the Cafe. Everyone was working well with each other and helping out when needed. I helped out with the cooking of the Honey Chicken and Lemonade Scones. Towards the end of lunch, I helped with the dishes and cleaning. I enjoyed cooking today and I'm looking forward to cooking again this Friday.
Hi my name is Teagan,
and i have just started my hospitality corse at the comunity college i did hospitality with my shefs apprentiship in 2006 and didnt complete it so i thort i would do it again. for the first day it went great at the start and towords the end it was a bit stressfull and everything went a bit haywier other than that i rather injoyed it.For lunch i prepaired and cooked a nice honey chicken baterd then served up with fried rice(YUM YUM)
Today I worked as a cook and dish washer.
We have coffee, tea and carrot cake with cream cheese icing, scones with jam and cream and juice made with carrots, celery and apple, not bad at all.
Lunch is Chicken with fried rice, Frittata and stuffed Bake Potatoes with bacon and coleslaw.
We have and are checking the temp of the fridge and ovens to make sure they are all working at the right temps for safty.
A alfla sprout farm has been started and we will have fresh herbs growing .
Bye for now Tracey VK.
my name is beau davey i was born in bairnsdale victoria , i have been going to the community college for about two years ,i am none as the head waiter for the college cafe wich is run by the students of the college.
I`m Robert from Italy.I moved to Australia last year with my family.
I enrolled in this program to improve my working skill and English in a pratical learning
Moreover I think studing at College Cafe` will be useful to find a possibile future

student Marie Ormiston

I am a student at Community College at Bairnsdale. As part of VCAL we are starting up a Cafe to help us achive our Certificate. I am kitchen hand for the next two weeks, we will rotate every two weeks .The rotation will be cooking and waiter ,as part of the the designated two weeks to each position.

We are just getting ready to serve morning tea. we have Devonshire Tea for $2.00 or Coffee and Cake for $2.00. We are also busy cooking lunch for 12.00pm Our clients are the staff at the college to start us off on this our first day open,we are hoping for the public to come and enjoy our cafe. Word of mouth will help us broaden our client base.

Our prices are good value for service provided.We hope to buy a coffee machine with our profits
Hi My name is Suzan and I have been a student for a year. I enjoy cooking.


Hi my name is Suzan Parker I have been a student for a year. I am a mother of two and enjoy cooking. I also enjoy cooking and think that a new cafe` at Communtiy College is a great idea.

Monday, July 14, 2008

College Cafe

Hi I'm Tracey VK. And this is my installment of the College Cafe Blog.

Today we have just discussed what we are going to do for and make for our Cafe. We signed the forms we needed to sign and looked over what needs to be filled for each day we run the cafe.
We talked about the clothing we need to wear and also our foot wear. Hygene and cleanliness of the students/staff.
We went over the jobs of each person and how we will rotate jobs to make it all fair to each person. We also have gone over the menu for the first week.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Certificate II Hospitality Kitchen Operations

My VCAL Students are about to embark on a new project of training and assessment documenting our progress at each step of the learning process .
Our project is to implement and develop a "College Cafe" where students will gain the knowledge and skills to enter future employment
Students will rotate tasks every two weeks and will have control of all shopping finances and book keeping
Good Luck All
Junita Lyon